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Margarita Waldburger

is an accomplished professional in the entertainment industry, originally from Madrid, Spain. With a Bachelor's degree in Music Business/Management from Berklee College of Music, Margarita's dedication, passion, and expertise are evident in her academic and professional achievements. While her journey in the music industry began as a cellist, Margarita discovered her passion in working behind the scenes from movies productions to artist development. Drawing upon her background as a musician, she possesses an unique perspective that allows her to better understand the needs and aspirations of fellow actors, musicians and artists in general. Margarita's commitment to the industry and love for music have paved the way of her career in various behind-the-scenes roles, where she continues to contribute to the success of artists and projects.

Currently working as a Talent Coordinator at Igloo Music, Margarita collaborates with major video streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and Disney. Her exceptional ear, discerning criteria, and judgment enable her to make the best choices in voice casting for successful shows. Margarita's contributions as a Talent Coordinator have resulted in numerous credits for highly acclaimed projects, including Mother's Day (2023, Top 10 on Netflix), Culpa Mia (2023, Amazon Prime), The Matchmaker (2023, Netflix), Operation Nation (2023, Netflix), and many more. Her keen ability to select the ideal voice match ensures audience enjoyment and satisfaction.

During internships at Riveting Entertainment, Red Light Management, Freak N See Music, and JV Agency, Margarita showcased her expertise in A&R label administration, artist management, marketing, PR, sales, and publicity. She contributed to talent assessment, marketing strategies, travel logistics, and media engagement. Even as a freelancer, Margarita continues to excel in these areas.